Advocate Marketing System

Below are some of the features available to enterprise users of our Advocate Marketing system:

  • Scheduled Purging (for site performance & large scale data, as well as medical HIPAA data handling rules)
  • Variable Rolling Averages, or time-window based averages i.e. 90 day average or last 30 votes averages.
  • API to track nonresponders – a non-response score varies by organization but is usually somewhere “passive” or lower. By tracking non-responders with those who do, you’ll have more accurate insight into real-world stats.
  • Scheduled Reporting – automatically receive a PDF, with recipient specific to category i.e. for multiple locations or varied stakeholders
  • Repeat-Reviewer Trend Tracking – auto-merging repeat reviewers to compare history
  • SMS Conversational Reviews unified with your web and/or phone stats
  • Twilio Phone API for Voice-based reviewing unified with your web stats