Super Mario

If you have any repetitive tasks as part of your business, we should chat.

First, a bit of fun: Watch a robot similar to ours become superhuman at Super Mario Bros in a day…

We are currently seeking to automate email in high volume and/or chatbot based projects. Your clients will believe they’re human, and humans can take over at any time, and you’ll have complete transparency and oversight.

Within days or weeks you can expect accuracy superior to any human, with confidence thresholds you set.

Imagine having a robotic assistant that could correctly dispatch 25%, 50% or more of your email or messages – even if it was 10,000 emails a day.

Each set of robotics start with training mode, by watching humans do their jobs. After a few days or weeks of training, you’ll set a “confidence threshold”, of 80% or higher for example.

On any task on which Anna or Alex (our AI assistants) are 80% confident or higher, they’ll execute the action. On any task on which they’re less than 80% sure, they’ll wait for confirmation, but recommend their best guess, saving time. Over time, the statistical accuracy gets better and better until you have the highest performing employee you’ve ever worked with, who never needs a day off, works 24/7, never calls in sick and handles all the boring and clear-cut work so your team can move up the value chain and grow your output while reducing costs.

If you’re curious or serious, we’d like to chat.