Auto mechanic websites are for many, the first impression clients have of you and your company.

A good auto mechanic website will also increase referrals from happy past clients.

These days, a website isn’t a brochure – it’s an online storefront.

Let’s face it – you could cure cancer, but if enough people don’t know about your services, you still will be leaving money on the table. A lot of auto mechanics think having good service is enough.

It is, if you are content with your income sliding down. If you’re not marketing, other companies are, to your past clients.

Auto mechanic websites from Swift Marketing are easy, fast, inexpensive, and will produce you leads. Furthermore, if you’re busy and at the shop all day, when coupled with SwiftCRM (base version is included with all Swift Web Designer websites), leads can be faxed to your shop directly – so you don’t need to be checking the computer. We can also text your phone.

Good auto mechanic websites are a “home base” to gather email addresses for a newsletter. While this might sound like some work, it’s easy – we can prompt you to write a quick little snippet in just minutes that include maintenance tips, foul weather protection for your car, a recent repair you did that could have been avoided – and blast it to thousands of people in minutes, as easily as sending a single email. Why do this? Try it – you’ll see a few calls come in from clients who have been postponing repairs, or thinking of buying a new car and want you to check it out, who some other service. In short, they need your skills, and will gladly pay you money for your services.

In the end, isn’t that what good auto mechanic websites are about – making you money? A good marketing system will keep you at capacity more often, allow you to smooth out cash flow, and with SwiftCRM, you can even earn money off the leads you can’t serve, by selling them to another professional in another area or other expertise.

Take a moment now to review some of our past auto mechanic websites, and give us a call. In just minutes we can create a terrific and money-making online storefront that will show the world you know what you’re doing and are ready to help. We can also help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get you to the top of Google / Bing / Yahoo, help you show up in local searches (Google Maps, GPS searches, facebook, etc.), mass email marketing, and more.

All our auto mechanic websites include:

  • Control Panel backend, so if you choose, you can edit your website anytime – from your phone or any computer just by logging in, allowing you to run special offers, add google-magnet content to help clients find you, revise your hours of operation, even allow online prepayment.
  • Optional mass email features to build a newsletter to stabilize your income and increase repeat business, and increase referrals
  • Google Maps and directions to your garage
  • Free do-it-yourself directions on easy ways to increase your business by writing simple articles
  • Lead-capture systems with advanced contact management so clients can ask “buying signal” questions that lead to more sales – emailed, text messaged to your phone, or faxed to your shop – and store in your online control panel
  • Referral systems to
  • Free Google Indexing – you’ll be listed in google in about 48 hours of launch.
  • Free “seed” backlinking – helps you show up in searches
  • Free members-only video training on how to increase business, free, writing simple online articles to demonstrate you know your stuff and help Google users find you. You’ll also get training on systems like Yelp, Facebook, social media, and other ways to increase your car count.
  • Licensed stock photos and imagery. If you hired a custom website designer, you’d have to either provide photos, hire a photographer, or buy legal stock photos with rights clearances. With Swift Marketing, we do all this for you.
  • Thousands of possible design combinations. Why re-invent the wheel, when you can choose from some of our pre-made designs to springboard to the making money part? Or if you have something specific in mind, why not use our designs as a springboard, and then have our team customize the look and feel to match your branding.
  • Licensed pre-written content, so you get a complete basic website out of the gate, allowing you to focus on your business and customize the site as you go.

If you’re good at what you do, we want to help you let the world know. Call us today to get an auto mechanic website today.