An Auto Repair Website Template from SwiftWebDesigner gets you a complete working turn-key web storefront that will increase your car counts, average repair ticket, and stabilize income with maintenance orders.

First, these days your website is your storefront and for many, will be the first impression potential clients have of your business. If you’re not even yet online, you are definitely losing business, and if your website is not professional, you may be causing them to look around and shop, instead of making an immediate decision to bring their car in.

All of the auto repair website template semi-custom sites we set up include…

  • Images & content pre-created for your specific type.
  • Hosting and Maintenance (Backups, upgrades, security, uptime monitoring, CDN content delivery network page-load-time optimization (affects SEO), and more), pre-configured and tied to SwiftCMS web-based control panel.
  • Professional email using Google Apps, so you can use any device (Outlook, phone, web-based gmail, etc.) with spam prevention and hundreds more powerful features, with [email protected] professional appearance.
  • Search Engine indexing so your auto repair website template will be automatically visible in Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft’s Bing. Also included are free resources to increase your search engine ranking on your own, or you can at any time add optional packages from our team of experts to put you on top.
  • Advanced features included in your auto repair website template include drag and drop menu editing, a professional blog with rss feed, mobile / phone formatting automation, google maps location of your garage with directions, scheduling system, contact forms, quick-quote forms, a gallery system to add pictures of recent work (i.e. body shops or even racing transmissions), ability to pay online, and more.
  • Pre-connected to SwiftCRM Client Relationship Management (free / included essentials version) to send your web leads to your shop via fax, cel phone text message, email. You’ll also have a simple web dashboard which you can use to monitor work in progress, store notes about clients, contact info, schedule repeat followup, and more.
  • Optional features for newsletters, automatic postcard maintenance reminders, and so much more.
  • A team of marketing and technology experts to help you increase your revenue by increasing car count, per repair order, help you sell more elective work like design and performance modifications or higher end services, and systems to stabilize your income via maintenance retention systems.

An auto repair website template from SwiftWebDesigner is so much more than just a template – it’s a complete turn key system. Why not start your new site now? Click through to