Social Media Syndication

One of the powerful systems Swift Marketing contains is social media automation and a social media scheduler.

Frankly, most of our clients are on WordPress as their primary CMS (Content Management System i.e. website control panel), and for that reason, we are revising the system to best serve clients.

The free Jetpack plugin contains a “promote” system which works great, and WordPress easily allows scheduling, and thus the core of what we built isn’t really needed any more. We still have the tool, but it’s deprecated (slated for digital demolition, though underlying code will get revised to fill other needs).

For any active clients, we officially recommend using the Jetpack plugin.

For the time being [July 2015], the system still works, allowing you to pre-schedule your social media, if you are not running wordpress, or prefer to use our system for some reason.

That said, we are reversing the flow, and building out a tool to send your website to an email newsletter, with the goal of making it easy to promote your blog posts and website activity to your relationships managed by SwiftCloud.