Decentralized Distributed

Starting Feb 2018, portions of our systems will begin to roll out to blockchain decentralized distributed code.

Decentralized Distributed

For the non-tech savvy, this is the same underlying technology that systems of value like Bitcoin are based upon.

What makes blockchain ideal for certain portions of our business is the transparency and immutability (inability for anyone to change it, and for anyone to verify a certain event happened).

At this time, we will not make any specific promises about timelines, however, the basic rollout schedule will first move to a private blockchain, wholly controlled by SwiftCloud, followed by wider-release versions. All users on the version-1 platform (SwiftCloud.IO, not .AI) will be required to upgrade spring of 2018.

Over time, SwiftCloud will continue to deliver real-world software to help your business grow as we do now. Frankly, the cryptocurrency space is filled with startup teams long on enthusiasm and hype, but many of which may or may not even have a working product. Some parts of blockchain based technology are not at all easy to use for real-world non-programmer users. We do not intend to take that path, and if it means we’re “slow to the race”, so be it.

We don’t sell software. We sell meaningful improvement to your business, and the software is how we make this happen. That said, blockchain technology is powerful, and leveraging this will help add value to systems such as electronic signature.

For select users, our “Labs” division is experimenting with machine intelligence (aka “AI / Artificial Intelligence”) based trading. This will support both cryptocurrencies and equities via TD Ameritrade, and leverage powerful signals such as technical analysis, twitter sentiment analysis, google trends search volume, and more. Note this program is strictly limited to paid users and is in private invite-only beta at this time. If interested, contact us for details.