Blogging is a powerful way to get socially connected online, to broadcast timely news, and it can definitely help your search engine rankings as well as be of use to human readers.

Furthermore, because blogging is automatically syndicated via RSS (think of this like a radio station, broadcasting your articles and/or mp3 (a.k.a. “podcasting”) and/or videos) it provides a convenient way for users to follow you, to read your articles on an e-Reader (i.e. a Kindle or Nook or iPad).

So enough about how blogging can help you, here’s how to style your blog.

First, you most likely already have a blog page configured. This means a page has to be created, then you have tell the CMS to override your content and instead, show the latest blog posts.

Next, you have some options for how you want to actual blog page to look – such as adding pictures automatically (icon-pictures), date of posting, author (useful if you have multiple users writing to your blog), the number of characters, and then how to style the actual blog posts. To edit these choices, go to SwiftCMS >> Blog Page. All the choices you make there will automatically be reflected.


If you don’t yet have a blog page, or you want your blog to appear on some page other than your home page, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Pages >> Create New, and make a page called “Blog” or “Blog / News” or “Latest News” as you see fit. Copy this text into it: “Don’t bother writing on this page, because it won’t be seen. This page is created by the server, and will show the latest Posts (not “Pages”, but “Posts”) at the top. Click Publish, or update, and you’re done. Add it to the menu if you prefer (you’ll want to do this, see for more help if needed on this, but do step 2 below first).
  2. Go to Settings >> Reading. Set the “Posts Page” (2nd drop down) to your new “Blog” or “Blog / News” etc. page. Save and you’re done. Add it to the menu as usual.

As usual, if you have any questions, please use the support system at and we’ll update this entry.