I have a domain already

I have a domain already: Great! You can use that domain, or buy a new one, or even both. Just click “I have a domain” on the last step, instead of buying a new one. Google prefers older / aged domains, as it is less likely to be a “spammy” junk website.

I’m on a Mac / Phone / PC / Linux – will that Matter?

No, our system is 100% browser-based or server-side based, which means pretty much any browser on any platform will work to create and edit your website(s).

We recommend Firefox or Google’s Chrome over Internet Explorer (“IE”), but IE works too, as does Safari and really any other browser.

Can I change themes or pages later?

Yes. Change or revise anything, anytime – including pictures, theme styling (site-wide colors, pictures, etc.), pages and posts, menu contents. Our job is to empower you, and anything you feel is too tough we can do for you as part of a service agreement.

I am not computer savvy. Can I still create my website?

Yes. You just need to know how to “drive the car”, not “build the car”. We’ll show you “how to drive” with a simple set of email training guides with video help, and even send you a DVD.

Why isn’t this expensive like usual?

Robotics & Better Technology. We don’t just use the stock wordpress, we have layered the world’s most powerful wordpress customizations on top of it, allowing you to get a class-A site that others sell for many thousands (even tens of thousands) for a much lower price, much faster than usual.

How long will this take?

5-10 minutes for you to run this wizard, which will create the first 50%-90% of your website. Our staff will then step in and finish the last 10%-50% by hand over the coming few days.

Will this make me money?

It certainly should! Having a website is the first step in a series of steps that can make you money. Legally, we must say results will vary by effort. We do honor our 60 day guarantee.

Will I be in Google?

Yes. You will automatically be listed in Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft’s Bing.

Blog Options

Blog OptionsApr 29,2011

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SEO Overview

SEO OverviewApr 29,2011

A video will soon be added, but here’s the simplest, shortest, layman-friendly overview of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO: You need to have some great content on the web, of value to real-world humans. This can be video, text, pictures, etc., but the bottom line is share your passion and expertise. The world (other websites, Read More…