Reverse Mortgage Marketing

Reverse Mortgage Marketing Jan 2017 Update: We recommend the following: WordPress based Landing page system to test offers quickly and cheaply, based on traffic from…. Facebook. Why? You can target by age better than any other platform as well as highly specific locations. Want just people age 62+ in only north San Diego? Facebook can do Read More…

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration is automatically built into SwiftCMS / and just needs to be configured. Also included are reviews sites (i.e. Yelp, Google).

Facebook Setup

Facebook SetupMay 17,2011

Facebook Setup

Multiple Languages

Multiple LanguagesMay 14,2011

How to Set Up Multiple Languages in SwiftCMS: This is easy enough to set up, though be advised it doubles or triples your website maintenance, so it’s best used with smaller websites under 20 pages.

New Window

New WindowMay 12,2011

How to Open Links from your navigation menu in a new window or new tab.

Ipad Forms

Ipad FormsMay 07,2011

NEW Service: iPad Forms / e-Paper! Imagine when someone pulls their car up to your repair shop, or comes into your office or clinic for a consultation, instead of handing them a clipboard and pen, you instead hand them an iPad to fill out. What’s the benefit? Glad you asked! Reduce the data entry by Read More…


TwitterMay 04,2011

Adding Twitter to your website is easy, and a one-time setup function. This is about 1 out of 10 on the difficulty scale as long as you pay close attention to the steps. You’ll only have to do this once. Done correctly, this will be a bi-directional integration, which means your twitter will broadcast / Read More…

I have a domain already

I have a domain already: Great! You can use that domain, or buy a new one, or even both. Just click “I have a domain” on the last step, instead of buying a new one. Google prefers older / aged domains, as it is less likely to be a “spammy” junk website.

I’m on a Mac / Phone / PC / Linux – will that Matter?

No, our system is 100% browser-based or server-side based, which means pretty much any browser on any platform will work to create and edit your website(s).

We recommend Firefox or Google’s Chrome over Internet Explorer (“IE”), but IE works too, as does Safari and really any other browser.

Can I change themes or pages later?

Yes. Change or revise anything, anytime – including pictures, theme styling (site-wide colors, pictures, etc.), pages and posts, menu contents. Our job is to empower you, and anything you feel is too tough we can do for you as part of a service agreement.