6 Rules for Marketing Success

After seeing an ad in “Direct Response”, a magazine that I get, I decided to pass along the great tips that they had, mixed with my own commentary. 6 Rules for Marketing Success: 1. Empirical, not emotional decisions. This is one of the reasons using a CRM is an absolute must. If you don’t have… Continue Reading 6 Rules for Marketing Success

Small Business CRM Options for Automation

There’s a big problem with most of the small business CRM options out there: they rely heavily on human input. This means more work, and it’s prone to failure and errors. Nobody wants a CRM – they want more sales, easier client management, more profit…. the CRM is just the tool to make that happen.… Continue Reading Small Business CRM Options for Automation

Realtor Marketing Ideas

Legal note: Not all Real estate agents are Realtors® – see here for details. Realtor® is a trademarked term of the National Association of Realtors. All that said, if you’re looking for Realtor marketing ideas, we can help. This list has a lot of the usual – and some unusual and uncommon as well. This… Continue Reading Realtor Marketing Ideas

Sales Management Software

Sales management software can help you to automate your sales force and actually increase your conversion ratios from leads to sales, which increases your profitability. Increase Sales Conversions When you use sales management software effectively, you have information at your fingertips that can tell you at a glance which inquiries are ready to be converted… Continue Reading Sales Management Software

Keller Williams 33 Touch Campaign

Included: Your 8 by 8 touch system for new contacts feeds right into your 33 touch campaign. Use top-of-mind agent-of-choice mini-brand awareness maintenance. Get six times (600%!) more business from your database… How to set up a Keller Williams style 33 Touch Campaign. You can also get set up for 8 by 8 (for new… Continue Reading Keller Williams 33 Touch Campaign

Inbound Marketing Blueprint & Flowchart

This is a refined inbound marketing blueprint you can use to grow traffic. Tip: The color tags below correspond to each role. You may find it helpful to delegate based on color-tag. Here’s ours, step by step, with notes about who fulfills it. Swift Marketing’s inbound marketing dashboard is designed to enable the workflow below… Continue Reading Inbound Marketing Blueprint & Flowchart

WordPress Electronic Signature Plugin

We are now in public beta on 2.0 of our Electronic Signature system, which works mostly the same as our (old) WordPress Electronic Signature Plugin. If you’re a WordPress developer or user, you’ll be right at home with SwiftCloud’s doc system – shortcodes like this are what create the signable fields: Notice the shortcode on… Continue Reading WordPress Electronic Signature Plugin

GDPR Compliance

GDPR ComplianceMay 17,2018

This article will continue to get updated periodically as additional privacy controls are added. SwiftCloud is in the process of meeting EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield frameworks, in addition to stricter initiatives such as U.S. HIPAA (Medical records) compliance. We at SwiftCloud have a balancing act, and so we have added various functions as per… Continue Reading GDPR Compliance

Release of Liability Waiver Form – Free

A typical Release of Liability Waiver Form can be setup using SwiftCloud in minutes, with electronic signature, and can be signed either in person (using a tablet, typically) and/or on your website in advance and/or a link included with new-client intake emails or appointment booking systems. The info we need to know to set up… Continue Reading Release of Liability Waiver Form – Free

Swift Marketing

Swift MarketingMar 25,2018

This post is wholly to solidify our position for the phrase “Swift Marketing”, and since you’re reading it, the tactic has apparently worked. I say “apparently” because, at the time of writing, I don’t know how you found Swift Marketing. It’s unlikely but possible you arrived on this exact post via other SEO efforts, random… Continue Reading Swift Marketing