Swift Marketing

Swift MarketingMar 25,2018

This post is wholly to solidify our position for the phrase “Swift Marketing”, and since you’re reading it, the tactic has apparently worked. I say “apparently” because, at the time of writing, I don’t know how you found Swift Marketing. It’s unlikely but possible you arrived on this exact post via other SEO efforts, random… Continue Reading Swift Marketing

Sales Lead Incubator Campaign

Sales Lead Incubator Campaigns Campaigns can contain any mix of the following events, each with any kind of delay – 7 minutes, 7 months, whatever you need…: Messages >> Email Messages >> Print + Mail (with Mail Merge!) Messages >> Print / Mail i.e. handwritten thank you cards (technically, this is a task we create… Continue Reading Sales Lead Incubator Campaign

Short Video Outline Questions

We’ve created dozens of short attraction videos, and literally hundreds of video projects over the years. Sales Video Best Practices Workflow… Copy the questions below into a new doc or google doc and just answer the questions initially right into the doc Rewrite that into a basic script Find some patient friends who barely know… Continue Reading Short Video Outline Questions

Video Script Outline

Sales Videos are possibly the #1 most important sales asset for many companies. If you run a restaurant or sell cars, not so much – someone needs to taste or test drive what you sell. For a lot of services though, the benefits are a lot more ethereal and complex – such as real estate,… Continue Reading Video Script Outline

Reverse Mortgage CRM Form

We’re started a Forms Library, and the very first form being added to it is a Reverse Mortgage Application Form This is available in SwiftCloud e-signature as a template. To apply this to your own site is very easy – you’ll need…. Login to SwiftCloud.IO and go to Files & Docs >> Docs & Forms… Continue Reading Reverse Mortgage CRM Form

SEO vs. Pay Per Click

SEO vs. Pay Per Click. Which one would you choose? Two of the most talked-about internet marketing strategies are search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click advertising. One of the questions we here at Vertical Measures get asked the most is, “Should I invest in SEO or should I invest in pay per click… Continue Reading SEO vs. Pay Per Click

Tripwire Offers

Tripwire OffersJan 27,2018

A “tripwire” offer is a very high value, low cost “soft yes” / “shy yes” way for customers to get a sense for the value you provide. Not all people will opt into your tripwire offer, but those that do are much more serious, and more likely to buy from you in the future for… Continue Reading Tripwire Offers

How to Reduce The Marketing Budget

Over the years as a small agency we’ve helped hundreds of small businesses in various capacities. One of the most common questions especially among the smallest of businesses is about how to reduce the budget. Don’t get me wrong- larger companies are definitely cost-conscious and want to “sweat the capital” too, and I can appreciate it.… Continue Reading How to Reduce The Marketing Budget

How to add a line of business

A client asked this, and rather than simply fire off an email, I told him I’d write a post. Why? It’s not too complex, but the usual way is the “Nike school of business: just do it” method, which is a bit of rolling the dice. There’s a better way – the best of which… Continue Reading How to add a line of business

Inbound Marketing

Inbound MarketingOct 15,2017

Inbound Marketing is not only a lower cost per lead for many industries, it also yields higher quality leads. To be more precise: Inbound marketing for some industries can yield 12,000% ROI. For others it’ll be a loss. It’s had a lot of hype of late, so we want to help. Let’s start at the… Continue Reading Inbound Marketing