Do you truly value your relationships? If you do, you know the power of handwritten low-tech snail-mail. If you’re in sales, you absolutely need this – it’s a secret weapon in standing out from your competition, and solidifying those relationhips into rock solid referral sources, repeat clients, or connections you can trust. Handwritten cards are a core pillar of relationship management for “referral only” and “database marketing” systems.

Card Campaign Automator allows you to send a real card, with a stamp, in your own handwriting, in seconds – from any computer. Do you send as many cards, postcards, or brochures out as you should? I sure don’t – it’s just not very convienient. You can probably type faster than you write, and looking up addresses is a hassle.

And yet, the more high-tech our world gets, the more special a personal note is. The more computerized our world becomes, the better this system seperates you from everyone else. Why? Because they know to send mail and just don’t make the time. Or they rely on bulk mail. Think about it – when is the last time you recieved a personal note, hand addressed? You invariably open them, simply because it’s so rare.

Now imagine sending those in seconds – even multiple cards on a pre-set schedule, with a few mouse clicks! Include a picture, a gift card to places like Home Depot or Starbucks – or even a check. In seconds. You know you need this product, the question is, if you did more of the things you know you should do, would you make more money? We make it easy for you to deepen and build relationships.

Other people are using this system to promote their movies to FSBO’s, Expired Listings, etc. – since you just type in the address and you’re practically done.

See this demo movie (19 minutes) for more information on our unique take on this system.

If you like what you see, the next step is to send a card and try it out, with my compliments. You surely have a card you know you should send, like a thank you card, or “nice to meet” you card.

Click here to send a card now.

If you see it, get it, and are ready to go:
1. Print this form to get your handwriting scanned
2. Checkout here, using code 42031.
3. Contact us once you’re checked out for any software help.
If you still have more questions, there is a weekly Teleseminar that is more in depth and includes a question and answer session. (4pm PST, 7pm EST) – Contact us for code as it varies each week.

Card Campaign Automator Features:

  • ►Send a 2-fold Card for $1.03 total – postage, mailing, printing, the card, and handling – in seconds. Postcards from about $0.50!
  • ►No contract. Upgrade, Downgrade, or Quit at any time.
  • ►Send Postcards, 2-Fold Personal Cards, & Tri-Fold Cards.
  • ►We’ll scan your handwriting and make a font out of it! Or choose from other fonts and colors (Tip: Handwritten is more effective by over 250% open-rate!)
  • ►Over 11,000 Cards to choose from…everything you’d expect and a lot more, well organized. That’s the equivalent of nearly two card stores.
  • ►Setup Campaigns of multi-card events over a pre-set schedule – holidays and birthdays and anniversaries included.
  • ►Optionally include gift cards from over 20 locations, checks, or even ship gifts like cookies or baskets – in seconds.
  • ►All contacts are stored online, accessible anywhere including most cel phones with internet for easy re-sending.
  • ►Create custom cards, upload pictures and even add thought bubbles or text boxes.

Top 5 Reasons Old-School Snail-Mail Cards Automation Works:

  • Over 82% of sales happen -after- the 5th contact, yet only about 3% of all sales professionals follow up more than 5 times, which is why the 20% of sales professionals outperform the other 80%.
  • Referrals from current clients are far cheaper and far better quality leads than any other lead source, and real handwritten cards are one of the three pillars of referral-source maintainance (other two being real calls to a human, not voicemail (or client parties), and reminders of who you’re looking to serve).
  • People do business with people they like, and being a real person de-commoditizes you and your service.
  • On average, less than 3% of all mail we receive is personal. This is a way to deepen personal relationships and cut through spam blockers and voicemail.
  • Autopilot marketing ensures consistency and implementation. The #1 problem preventing sales pros and business owners isn’t ideas, it’s execution. Set this up, link it to your shopping cart or CRM, and let it do the work.