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Add signature to PDF online

Add signature to PDF online is easy using SwiftCloud. Note: The above phrase should be worded as “Add signature to [any, a] pdf online”, but that seems to be what people are searching for, and we just want to help. TIP: We have a growing library of free templates for our e-Sign users, including e-sign… Continue Reading Add signature to PDF online

Electronic Signature for Sales Acceleration

Electronic signature can help you close more, faster. Years ago I was in the mortgage and real estate business. While certain competitors existed at that time, they did not at that time offer web-based templates, and were difficult to use. They required software to be installed, and more technical skill than should have been required.… Continue Reading Electronic Signature for Sales Acceleration

Electronic Signature Waivers

Need to setup electronic signature waivers? We have a few (free to use with any SwiftCloud account) in the templates library – directions below how to clone an editable copy into your account. Top 10 Reasons for Electronic Signature Waivers NOT using electronic signature waivers is costing you money, period. Why & how? Lost time dealing… Continue Reading Electronic Signature Waivers

e-Signature Kiosk / Tablet for In-Person Signing

Setting up an e-Signature Kiosk for in-person check-in and signing is easy with SwiftCloud. The software can be setup in minutes, and several hardware options that leverage off-the-shelf tablets are linked below, so your e-Signature Kiosk can be easy to maintain & inexpensive to set up. Why use kiosk e-Signature instead of old-school paper? If-then logic.… Continue Reading e-Signature Kiosk / Tablet for In-Person Signing

e-Signature with Payment

Electronic Signature & Payment is easy. In short you have two options: Get Money then e-Signature or Get e-Signature then Money Either are fine, and which is right for you depends on the nature of your sale. If you have a smaller amount (and thus more frequent), we recommend collecting money first, then getting signature. If… Continue Reading e-Signature with Payment

Are electronic signatures legally binding?

Yes! Electronic Signatures are 100% legally binding in nearly every jurisdiction around the globe, including the U.S. and E.U. Furthermore, electronic signatures are actually MORE difficult to forge than a traditional ink signature, because of the digital “fingerprinting” left at time of signature. For all paying accounts, expert witnesses are available for court appearance or deposition in the highly… Continue Reading Are electronic signatures legally binding?

WordPress Electronic Signature Plugin

We are now in public beta on 2.0 of our Electronic Signature system, which works mostly the same as our (old) WordPress Electronic Signature Plugin. If you’re a WordPress developer or user, you’ll be right at home with SwiftCloud’s doc system – shortcodes like this are what create the signable fields: Notice the shortcode on… Continue Reading WordPress Electronic Signature Plugin

GDPR Compliance

GDPR ComplianceMay 17,2018

This article will continue to get updated periodically as additional privacy controls are added. SwiftCloud is in the process of meeting EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield frameworks, in addition to stricter initiatives such as U.S. HIPAA (Medical records) compliance. We at SwiftCloud have a balancing act, and so we have added various functions as per… Continue Reading GDPR Compliance

Release of Liability Waiver Form – Free

A typical Release of Liability Waiver Form can be setup using SwiftCloud in minutes, with electronic signature, and can be signed either in person (using a tablet, typically) and/or on your website in advance and/or a link included with new-client intake emails or appointment booking systems. The info we need to know to set up… Continue Reading Release of Liability Waiver Form – Free