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How to Delete Gallery Images

That should sum it up! Search terms for which this video might help: How to delete gallery images How to remove images in gallery

Swift Conference Plugin

Swift Conference Plugin This plugin is in beta, but below are the shortcode tags for client reference. Installation Steps: Create 3 pages (blank at first): Registration (can be on any page, sidebar, etc. too if you prefer) Webinar-NAME (assuming you might have more than one webinar type) Registration-confirmed. This is your “thanks page” i.e. what Read More…

Slug Control

Slug ControlFeb 07,2012

URL Control This is how to control the URL of any page in SwiftCMS websites, sometimes referred to as the “slug”. Note: if you’re reading this and not on SwiftCMS but using a raw installation of WordPress, you’ll probably need to adjust your “permalinks” which requires editing .htaccess in most cases. SwiftCMS residents – we’ve Read More…

Youtube Tips

Youtube TipsJan 11,2012

Youtube Tips These are notes for myself, but I’ll make ’em public so they can help you too, right? By the way, check out articles like this – stating, with reasonably reliable source verification – that Ray William Johnson is making over $80,000 a Month (!!!) off his YouTube channel – that’s $1,000,000+ a year Read More…


WidgetsDec 20,2011

Widgets Widgets are like a bookshelf, and you can choose to put any book(s) you like in it. Here’s how to edit and use SwiftCMS’s / WordPress’s widget system. This page coming soon. Need it? Request it – we’ll wrap it up.

How to Add Video to WordPress

How to Add Video to WordPress + SwiftCMS This screencast covers how to add video from the simplest to more customizable / powerful methods, all of which are fairly simple. The methods are: Simple direct addition of a youtube link. Super simple. Not very customizable but fast and easy. Widgets (for sidebar, footer). Also very, Read More…


PodcastingDec 15,2011

How to Podcast Want the Quick Version? Follow this Step-by-Step Path and you can be done in minutes: Enable the plugin “Podcasting Plugin by TSG” AND the plugin “complete RSS”. The complete RSS fixes some little problems with WordPress’ RSS formatting, FYI. Be sure your “permalinks” are set to /%postname% . This will make your Read More…


e-CommerceMay 25,2011

e-Commerce Setup Start with Paypal. Trust us, it’s hands down the easiest to deploy, the credit card rates are great (about 2.25% + $.25 I think, as of last checking), and once you have a lot of money flowing through your website you can easily swap it out later if you’re really concerned about saving Read More…

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration is automatically built into SwiftCMS / and just needs to be configured. Also included are reviews sites (i.e. Yelp, Google).

Facebook Setup

Facebook SetupMay 17,2011

Facebook Setup