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How to Edit Your Navigation

How to Edit Your Navigation Menu using / – the world’s most powerful wordpress system.


NameserversFeb 01,2011

Here’s how to set the nameservers if you have already bought the domain (shown here on GoDaddy, but the concept is the same and nameservers are the same on any registrar). Want to see it again? This is an older video covering the same topic. If you did the above, you don’t need to see Read More…


CancelJan 27,2011

Canceling a Subscription to a Product Requires Two Steps: We’ll cancel your subscription upon your request, but you need to login to paypal to ensure paypal doesn’t send us future payments! It’s easy. Cancel Paypal so billing stops. Notify us by emailing help [at] SwiftWebDesigner [dot] com or call us. To cancel on the paypal Read More…


GalleryOct 27,2010

How to Edit the SwiftCMS + WordPress Gallery NOTE: There are 2 totally disconnected systems for this; we are in the process of merging them. One was proprietary, built custom as part of SwiftCMS, and does things that WordPress native gallery does not. In SwiftCMS 3.0, which may be out by the time you are Read More…

Publish Google Doc as PDF

Publish Google Doc as PDF on the fly. This is not “how to save a PDF”, but better – how to format a Google Doc so it continuously produces a real-time PDF from the doc.

insurance website

insurance websiteSep 27,2010

insurance website


TestJul 28,2010

abc For cache to work, plugin must be able to access cache folder. Plugin has tried to create folders needed and failed. Until you resolved this issue cache feature can’t be used. Either make wp-content folder writeable or create gd-star-rating folder in wp-content and make it writeable. Use 0755 chmod setting. For cache to work, plugin must be Read More…

Test help post

Test help postJul 28,2010

test post

Reset / Change Password of Employee

Reset / Change Password of Employee

Password Protection

Password ProtectionJun 30,2010

How to Password Protect Content: It’s easy! As in, really easy – provided you know where to look. When you’re on a Page or Post within the control panel, look in the top right. Next to where it says “Public”, click Edit, so it looks like this… Set a password and you’re done! Note the Read More…