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Sales Army Case Study

Want to build a sales army for your business? You’ll need to engineer before you start 2 critical elements: Motivation, which really means the pay structure. How much will they make and exactly how / when? How are you going to track whom to pay exactly? Ability. How are you going to track this? A Read More…

Sales Movie Clips

Sales Movie ClipsJul 13,2010

Here’s some fun clips about sales perfect for a sales meeting or Friday afternoon. Any of this sound familiar? Here’s a classic: People want to be sold by a professional! Last, here are a few movies with great sales scenes to check out: wall street trading places the sting boiler room ocean’s eleven original it’s Read More…

The Win Within the “No”

Sales Secrets Series: The Win Within the “No” – The importance of a “Happy Loser” culture and maximizing profits via getting to “no” on every single sale.