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Pricing Trap

Pricing TrapOct 16,2012

Here’s the Pricing Trap: NOTE: I get a bit plucky here, this should be taken as a grain of salt. There’s truth in it, but it’s a bit editorial… based on reality, but maybe a bit stronger than some can take it. Can you handle the truth? People who aren’t marketers don’t know how to Read More…

SEO Overview

SEO OverviewApr 29,2011

A video will soon be added, but here’s the simplest, shortest, layman-friendly overview of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO: You need to have some great content on the web, of value to real-world humans. This can be video, text, pictures, etc., but the bottom line is share your passion and expertise. The world (other websites, Read More…

How to be #1 in Google – Executive Summary

How to be #1 in Google – Executive Summary… a quick layman’s explanation of what SEO is and how it works.

Advanced SEO Tools

Advanced SEO ToolsJul 19,2010

These tools are not for the rookies. If you’re serious about Search Engine Optimization, these tools may prove helpful: – tells you about the engine(s) under the hood – highlights SEO vulnerabilities of competitors, among other data – quick report about overall SEO Backlink Analyzer – tool from (free!) to see Read More…