We’re marketer techy-types, and needed these tools for clients (like you?). Here are a few reasons and comparisons to existing alternative tools, and why we believe Swift Marketing is the superior choice.

  1. Social Media Scheduling.
    1. There are several other tools in the market that allow you to pre-schedule and buffer media to something similar to our “Anytime Content Queue”, but they don’t quite function the same, from an SEO perspective, alignment to content marketing objectives, and integration. Swift Marketing’s content syndication first posts to your website (using XML-RPC for techy-types), then pulls in the new URL, including the photo URLs, then syndicates those new URLs. Why this matters: The SEO “juice” then flows to your site, instead of to the content-posting sites or directly to the content you blogged. If you find something cool to post, it should be easy and effortless, but benefit your “main money site”, not just pass your traffic and audience directly to some 3rd party site.
  2. Human first, Results first marketing.
    1. One unique feature as of this writing is Swift Marketing’s “multi method” autoresponder / marketing sequences, which allow you to not just email, but mix in pre-scheduled phone calls, postal / “snail mail” for high touch (i.e. handwritten cards, marketing flyers), and automation (such as make a decision or ask them a qualification question). For maximum lead incubation results while keeping budgets at high performance, you’ll want to rely on email for most – but not all – of your touch points.
  3. Database human-to-human marketing
    1. Swift Marketing is tightly integrated with Swift CRM, and everything is automate-able. Contacts can be tagged as “accounts” for people you want to keep in touch with, and various schedules assigned to A+, A, B and C accounts. As actual opportunities arise, tracking these in SwiftCRM means each possible status (i.e. “Left Voicemail” to “Contract Sent” to “Closed Successfully”, etc.) can trigger a stream of automation – messages, phone calls, and more. This puts your sales and marketing on autopilot, so you get consistent results and save time.
  4. Content Marketing Easier / Faster / Cheaper 
    1. Content marketing hubs are great information sources, but frankly overpriced if you use WordPress, wherein many essentials are free or cheap – i.e. landing pages. Furthermore, these systems are geared for mid-size companies or larger, with dedicated full time marketing teams. If you’re a lone gun (such as a Realtor) or running a small team (typical insurance agency with a handful of people), or operations-heavy business (only a few people in sales and marketing), Swift Marketing can help you track and reach your content marketing goals by lining up your human relationship marketing (i.e. email newsletters) to your content marketing goals.

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