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Let us brand this video for you! We’ll add a custom intro and outro, your company logo and phone number, and upload to your YouTube account.

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Credit Repair Marketing 2

For companies providing Credit Restoration & Repair and Credit Coaching services, we can help generate leads. Most companies make the actual sale offline (on the phone), so the primary goal of most credit repair marketing is to get the client to call.

One effective tip is to hook clients in while they’re hot with a modest deposit, such as a “$97 Initial Review Consultation”. While the leads need to be hotter to actually buy online, if you do get them to commit as little as even $20, they are virtually guaranteed to stop shopping and focus on the results (and complete their payment and get started with you).

To get a client to part with $97 online, you’ll need to heat them up a bit, with either (1.) online video(s), or (2) online webinars. While you could do it with sales copy alone, the fact is humans are lazy and/or busy and so a passive “coming-at-them” experience, especially for “repulsion motivated” marketing such as credit repair.

Repulsion Marketing is amplifying the pain then selling aspirin. The clients are trying to get away from something, or stop the pain (rejection, inability to rent, lower job offers, etc.), though some are also outcome “attraction” motivated i.e. they want to buy a house, so you butter and sugar the carrot with headlines like “imagine how much better life will be when you have that new car, new house, etc.”.

Anyway, how we can help:

  1. Credit Repair Websites and Landing Pages. We know the material well, and can get your site close to launch with minimal time from you.
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      2. – carefully designed to look like a “magazine style” blog structurally, but functions like a landing page; notice the “slippery slide” best-practices landing page on the free video page on the top right, and extensive use of video. This structure is excellent for selling intangibles such as credit repair marketing.
  2. Credit Repair Video. This pre-made video is branded to you with a single lifetime buyout license, including all rights except resale. Add it to landing pages, email signatures, mass email lists and autoresponders, websites, blogs, facebook, youtube… even burn it on DVD and give it to your local library, lend it out to real estate agents or embed in their websites… the list goes on, and so does your return on investment. We know videos can be difficult and time consuming to create – and we’ve carefully scripted the best marketing anywhere into this 7 minute sales video.
    1. To see this online, please email us.