Problem: Custom Page Types not showing up in WordPress

Quick fix: Enable some other theme (any theme), and re-enable your theme after you upload the custom page.

It seems custom page types are enabled when the theme becomes enabled, so that wordpress doesn’t need to go looking for them each time it loads a page, and thus slow down the page-load-time.

Once you know this, it’s easy to fix.

This means, obviously, you can easily add custom landing pages, custom search forms, custom 404 forms, etc. to your theme quickly and easily. You simply need to add in

/*  Template Name: Search Page */

into a clone of page.php. Personally, I always clone the default page.php from the new 2010 theme, i.e. page-search.php, page-landing.php, etc. so they’re clearly grouped when looking at the the files in FTP / SCP.

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