If you’re looking for a custom web designer, here are a few considerations we recommend you keep in mind – and it’ll make you more money for doing so.

First, a website is part of a marketing chain in which each link must work together to yield results. Just as a chain with one bad link isn’t very useful, having a website with no traffic, or great traffic but horrible conversion won’t do you much good.

The problem is this: most business owners looking for a custom web designer focus on price and aesthetic look and feel.

While both of these are important, if you look hard enough, you’ll find some people selling websites for a few hundred bucks/euros/pounds. That said, the people who sell the websites for the lowest amount of money are exactly the same people who sell on price instead of quality – and don’t bother to educate you or build a proper marketing system that will turn into a profit center.

A custom web designer that’s any good will build an end-to-end marketing system that makes you money via income leads. A bad website is like a brochure – but a good website is like a store front. Furthermore, a good custom web designer will set up your foundation so you can “bet on the race, instead of just one horse” – meaning you won’t need to choose between SEO (search engine optimization), maps & local-search / phone & GPS optimization, PPC (pay-per-click), social media, press & PR… you’ll use them all to generate hundreds of leads per week. Over time, you’ll get clear visibility into your cost-per-closed-deal, which is the single most important factor in most business web marketing projects.

All that said, cost is important, and cash flow is the life blood of any business. As a team of custom web designer artists, search engine technicians, content writers, etc. we have the skills to pull off what you need, with a nice mix of US/EU talent that speak your language, with some excellent full-time direct staff overseas to maximize your budgets. Also, breaking down your overall need into phases helps not just cash flow, but also helps results, as certain functions (i.e. landing pages) work better if you have a core site built (raising your “quality score” by leveraging seo keyword research, for example).

For you as a business owner, what’s most important to you is how quickly you can recoup your investment and turn your online marketing into a dependable asset that yields new clients, saves you time, builds trust and educates your clients, and provides a base to expand online. These days, your website is for many, the first impression your clients will have with your brand. You need more than just any custom web designer – you need the Swift team working for you. Why not take a moment to tell us about your next project, and we’ll be happy to get you a quote?