This is our master guide to…

Dashboard Best Practices

General Tip: Use or to convert email-only alerts to RSS feeds. Later, we’ll add some fancy tools around this, but for now, this works 100%.


  • Home

    • KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Sales Leads

    • Craigslist for your area. Examples below.
  • Buzz

    (Mentions about you, social media comments, press mentions)

    • Google Alerts
    • Google Trends, whitelisted
  • Competitors:

    • Track Website Changes
      • to RSS
      • Websnitcher to RSS
      • to RSS
    • Server monitor (if their website goes down)
      • to RSS
      • to RSS
  • Operations

    • Server Monitoring
      • to Email & RSS
  • Press / PR Opportunities

    (Keep abreast of journalists, influential bloggers…)

    • Blogs for your industry
    • RSS feeds of specific authors / journalists that cover your field or area or territory