We’re looking for what might be a needle in a haystack, but let’s see – perhaps you’re just what we need.

Essentially we need a staff designer to replace me so I can focus on marketing and sales.


  1. First priority is a good designer with a good general aesthetic sense. You must be able to design websites, landing pages, banner ads. you know photoshop very well, can pick out good stock photos as needed, have designed logos, maybe (optional) know video editing – in general, have good art sense and are capable of top-tier advertising creative work.
  2. Individual person. No companies. Non-negotiable. Companies will be ignored.
  3. Decent spoken english. Doesn’t need to be flawless just decent enough for skype or google chat voice conversations.
  4. You know some CSS. You probably don’t like it, but can do basic things like make a header taller, shorter, change the margins on some things, etc… we don’t need fancy, but you must know basic CSS enough to modify one website to build another, which is usually just some basic adjustments. For tough CSS we have expert coders, but need you to handle ~80% of it (simple sites 100% based on cloning a similar-structured theme, complex ones less but work with coder to make it happen)
  5. You freelance, but need and want one solid client who can supply a steady stream of work. In return, you’ll keep us posted of availability. We guarantee X hours a week of work, you guarantee to be available for Y hours a week (more or less, i.e. vacations are fine with notice)

IF that above is a match, I’d love to hear from you. This bid is for $50 in paid test work, just let me know you’re interested, then I’ll propose a small project you can accept or decline. If it works, we’ll do another, then another, and keep rolling.

Ideally this will be 20 hours/week/avg by Nov and 40/hrs a week by Jan-Feb, doing mostly small business websites using SwiftCMS wordpress “mega-theme” i.e. 100% of settings are control-panel driven like thesis etc.