SwiftCloud Loves Developers!

We value and work closely with technical developers to deliver real-world solutions. Some of our systems require a developer or technical skills beyond the range of most clients.

This page will evolve over time based on real-world needs. If you have a question the answer to which you don’t immediately find, reach out to us – we’re a developer-led company and focused on awesome results.

General Resources:

Notable entries that are more technical in nature:

  • How to API-style pre-fill an e-signature doc on-the-fly via simple URLs
  • Subdomains – cname mapping something like https://Secure.YourDomainHere.com to a branded portal
  • How to export e-sign data via POST with field-name translation using Json – i.e. simple API. For enterprise clients, we’ll finish building a RESTful formal API if needed.