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Below refers to Version 1.0 of SwiftCloud, but is left up, as we still have the code and are migrating it to 2.0 (SwiftCloud.AI)

SwiftCRM has one of the world’s best Direct Mail Software suites.

First, some features:

  • PURL – Personal URL System
  • Total Results Tracking. Track ROI, response-per-drop, response-per-campaign, response-per-mail-creative / actual message version
  • Re-Export the Non-Responders without re-mailing leads in process or people who responded.

Here’s an overview of how it works and what it can do for you:

  1. Upload: Whether it’s 100, or 1,000,000 records, simply upload any CSV (standard Comma Separated Value, the format most often provided by your list company or scraping software). Don’t worry about the format! SwiftCRM will let you “map” the fields easily, including unlimited custom fields, into our direct mail software handling system. Simply match up common fields like “name”, “phone”, etc., and choose how to handle unique or custom fields, and our software will do the rest. You’ll also need to enter a name for the drop (i.e. “Holiday Special Offer #1”) and a cost (which will automatically drop into the accounting software included with SwiftCRM). This will help you see response, cost-per-lead, cost-per-closed deal, and even run A/B or multi-variate testing to see which list or creative performs the best.
  2. SwiftCRM’s Direct Mail Software will assign a unique ID to each record (Example: BobJones44), and your CSV list will be given back to you as an immediate download with one more field – the reference code – added to it. This can be then printed with your mailer so you and/or your sales reps can call up that entire record by just looking up that code. This proven “reference code” system makes your agents sound like experts on the phone, since they will have immediate access to the entire file. This code is also used with our Personal URL (PURL) system, allowing you to track interest, pre-fill an application, and automatically activate interested leads. For example, you could add “For 24/7 Free Info or to Apply Online, visit”. As soon as Bob even enters that web address, the “prospect” becomes an “active lead” for you and your sales team, and the webpage can pre-populate Bob’s info into any application forms, helping to build momentum in the sales process.
  3. Monitor Response. Whether Bob calls in and the sales agent searches “BobJones44” (and thus activates the lead), or Bob visits online, you’ll have total visibility into the exact response of each direct mail marketing drop. All data can be exported to Google Analytics, allowing you total visibility to all your marketing methods in one place, allowing you to graph response over time, map results geographically, compare campaigns, and more.
  4. Maximize Profits & Re-Export the Non-Responders. If you have a high value per lead, one profit opportunity often overlooked with competing direct mail software is re-exporting all the leads that did not respond from the initial drop.  Often times, it’s simply a matter of timing and catching your prospect at the right time, or it may take multiple impressions of your brand and offer, or it may be a case that one headline grabbed the prospect but another did not. Whatever the case, our marketing case studies show for most of our clients, mailing to the list up to 4 times actually increases response while saving money from the initial data. SwiftCRM’s Direct Mail Software tools allow you to re-export the non-responders from any drop, without mixing the prospects. SwiftCRM will even re-tag each prospect with a new PURL so you can track which drop the prospect responded to, track your results, and the system will automatically update the prospect status to keep your data clean. This allows you to run multiple concurrent lists and drops without dealing with issues like data integrity – so you can just focus on ROI and increasing profits.

Our mantra at SwiftCRM is “How can we help you earn more money?”. It’s not just a slogan – we truly want to know, and want to build software to support your marketing goals.

Other features that can help you extend your new direct mail software include:

  • Autoresponders – via email, automated phone calls, dialer campaigns, prompts to human sales agents for activated leads, SMS text messaging, and mail sub-campaigns for activated leads.
  • Email Marketing Software – mass email, sequential autoresponders, and more are all included with SwiftCRM’s base package.
  • Phone Integration to automatically track response back to a given drop or campaign.
  • …and much more.

While much attention is paid to newer forms of high-tech marketing, the fact is that direct mail based on targeted lists is still one of the highest returns on investment forms of marketing there is. SwiftCRM’s Direct Mail Software will help you know exactly precisely which advertising is paying you most, so you can double down quickly on winners and cut any money-losing expenses off.

SwiftCRM is proud to offer a 100-day, 101% profit guarantee – so try it now! Signup, get started, and if within 100 days you are not sure you have realized more profit than the investment in the software, we’ll refund you 101% of your money. We are in business to make you money, period. So why wait to increase your profits? Get Started Now.

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P.S. For most industries, a handwritten envelope with real stamp (not bulk mail) raises the cost by about 17%, but increases response by over 300%. Our directory of providers include some of the most innovative and lowest-cost providers in the industry – SwiftCRM’s direct mail software allows you to not just try strategies blind, but actually see the direct impact dollar for dollar on your ROI! If you had total visibility into campaign profitability, you could afford to try response-maximizing strategies like handwritten post-it-notes, newspaper tear-offs, ugly yellow handwritten letters – while knowing you’re “in the black”. Get started now!