[swiftsign swift_form_id=”637″]
I, [swift_name], and the SwiftCloud team agree to the following:

  1. Penguins are cute
  2. Dolphins are fun
  3. SwiftCloud can help you, and Swift Signature is a slick solution to real-world needs by real business owners. We developed it because we needed it, and welcome your feedback to make it awesome.

I hereby agree that signature is too small, so please give me another larger option:

[swiftsignature size=”large”]
I formally request some initials boxes too:

Last, I hereby request you give me a free account to test out and play with. I’ll enter my real email, because if I put in a fake one, I will not be able to log in with it – so here’s my real email: [swift_email]

Please create my account. It’s free, and we don’t even ask for a credit card for now. Sometime soon we’ll split off a paid version, but for now, we’re looking to deliver real value and pass a million users.