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Swift Signature Features

Legally Binding Easy, Instant e-Signature On Any Device

Swift Signature is an easy way to make any document signable online over the web via mobile phone, tablet, or desktop. It’s legally binding, more secure than paper so your binding agreements are instant and easy.

Simple But Powerful

Since e-signature is still fairly new, we believe it must be very, very simple to use - but still offer you the features you need like multi-party signatures, “envelopes” to pack multiple documents together, export and notifications and more.

Re-Usable Document Templates

Unlike some competitors that require you to drag and drop “sign here” stickers each time, Swift Signature allows you to save templates for instant re-use - even if just some of the data in it changes.

Workflow Implementation Your Way

Options for implementation include email or SMS requests to a URL, embedding into your website via iFrame, co-brand links to your website user flows, feed webforms into signable docs - or get geeky and dive into our APIs to setup on your own site.

Seamless SwiftCloud Tools Integration

Swift Signature is part of the SwiftCloud ecosystem - so you’ve automatically got options for online payment & e-commerce or invoices, sales contracts into Swift CRM or other apps, centralized contact management and more.

Bank-Grade Security & Audit Trail Fingerprinting

256-bit SSLs, complete browser fingerprinting, time-date stamping, and GPS location tracking are just some of the enforcement mechanisms to ensure any challenge in unlikely event of disagreement is upheld in courts around the world.

Export PDFs, Images, CSV Spreadsheets & API flow.

All signed documents and envelopes are automatically saved to your account - and can be exported to your system automatically, emailed to you or others, trigger automation such as marketing, sales, accounting, or task management to deliver you real-world results.

Action Based, Human-First Design

We believe human habits are harder to change than software - so when possible, we make the software conform to you and your business. Customize labels, and always have crystal clear guidance as to the next step of any sale - then put systems on autopilot to grow revenues.

Device Friendly

Responsive design formatting for Mobile phones, tablets, desktops and even wall TVs. Cloud-based 24/7 access, automatic backups & always the newest version.

We’re happy to help! Just some of the features & benefits include:

  • Instant, legally binding, easy-to-share web signable documents, electronically signable from any desktop computer, smart phone, or tablet.
  • Free WordPress Plugin to connect web forms to signable documents, & add optional payments for anytime signatures
  • Easy setup to convert Word processing docs, HTML web pages, PDFs, and other formats for signature
  • Fully integrated into SwiftCloud, SwiftCRM sales software, SwiftBooks accounting, with an API for connection to other programs
  • Start with data over the phone in SwiftCRM, then let clients complete themselves online with resume-able sessions.
  • Or reverse it –  clients can start online, then sales reps can add final touches before generating signable docs.
  • Integrated with SwiftCRM’s & SwiftBooks proposals system, so you know when clients open, view, and share docs with optional automation & notification
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Export format options, including data export of variable fields
  • Coming soon: Multi-party (consecutive or concurrent) signatures
  • Coming soon: Group signatures with reminder automation, i.e. for school field trip permissions
  • API options for embed into dynamic documents such as invoices
  • Military grade & bank grade encryption available (256 bit SSL, PGP socket encryption and more – call for details)

Need something else? We’re small enough to give you personal attention, big enough to make great software with reliable, top-shelf technology and 24/7 mission-critical load balancing servers.

Our technology is used by the DEA to track methedone and other “schedule ii” controlled substances, banks and financial platforms, as well as simple things like leasing agreements.

To get started, contact us.