Here’s how to setup your email for your new domain.

Frequently asked questions below, and as always, submit any questions through /support and we’ll append this document.

Simple Fast Version: Setup at

If for some reason the video above doesn’t work, or you missed something, or need more info, this older video may help.

This video references…

When you’re done, be sure to go to “Service Settings” >> “Email” in the top right, like this:

Then click to change the URL to, like this…

Click Continue, then “I’ve completed these steps” (we have, for you already), and you should be good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Email setup:

  • Can I use this with Microsoft Outlook? Yes, and you can synchronize it – see
  • Do I have to use Google Apps? Can’t I just use your server? The good news is that Google Apps is absolutely superior, so if you’re hesitant to use it, that is simply because you don’t know better – sorry, but you pay us to be your tech experts, and we are tech experts, and they do a great job. It’s always backed up, always synchronized, you can use it from any platform (phone, web, home, office, cruise ship, beach, etc.), it’s highly spam-resistant, gets your messages through without the frequent errors of conventional SMTP settings, and allows us to keep costs low (as email errors are the #1 support issue, and 92% of those are user error!). So, in short, we strongly recommend google apps, use it ourselves, and knowing the competitive technical landscape, believe it to be the best tool out there for the job. Furthermore, there’s not reason not to use it.
  • Can I forward my new box to some other mailbox? Yes, of course – it’s easy – see