SwiftCRM contains what we believe to be the world’s most powerful email automatic responder.

How is our email automatic responder better? Here’s a quick summary of some of the features:

  • Send your email through your email address! Unlike other systems that force you to use their address (most do), we actually send as you, through your account – this way the clients respond to you directly.
  • Automatically Personalize any message. Greet recipients by first name, last name, reference their city, state, country – or even use custom fields you set up. While many email automatic responders have this, we are proud of how easy to use and yet powerful it is to set up these forms to connect it to your website.
  • Send many types of messages – email, postal mail, fax, or remind yourself to call the lead! If you value your clients, you can set up “triggers” that will cause many types of marketing to be automatically sent – 100% hands free, so you can put your business on autopilot. This can help you send out a welcome kit, a real handwritten card thanking them for stopping by, add them to a real estate campaign, and much more – all without you even touching it.
  • Time delays.. while many of the leading email automatic responders also have this, ours allows you to to easily set up delays by hours, days, weeks, months, and years. This helps you incubate those dead leads until they’re ready to buy.
  • Our Email automatic responder can be tied to any status of any lead (aka “Sales Opportunity”). For example, if you have a lead marked as “Proposal Given, Awaiting Commitment” and it stays in that status for a few days, you can add in automation that automatically follows up, greets them by name, references the proposal you gave them by date – and it comes from you. Your clients will not know this message was 100% hands-free server-generated.

Have an idea for something else? Want help implementing your email automatic responder system? Each page of our application has a help video in the top right corner – or just contact us – we’re friendly and happy to help. SwiftCRM contains a powerful suite of “information robotics” so you can put your business on autopilot, creating more leads and sales than ever before, with zero on-going work or time.

But don’t trust us – instead, try it out for yourself, risk-free, right now – you can online with your new email automatic responder in less than an hour.