Bosses and company owners have total control over the admin panel of employees.

This can also be used to lock an employee out, in event of termination, prior to removing their account. Here’s how to change the password – it’s very simple.

1. From the CRM, (no www!) go to Admin >> Company Owners Only >> Add / Manage Sub-Accounts, like this:

2. Click on the Employee for whom you’d like to change the password…

3. Once you get there, just change it as you see fit. Note: This is also the page where company owners and managers can define the permissions for a given account…

Notes, since we’re here:

Roles: This is for use by the Tasks / Ticket system, and allows you to setup automation rules. For more on this, see the automation help. Generally, we strongly recommend you tag the employees into groups, then as thinks happen (i.e. leads come in, deals come in that need fulfillment, paychecks become due, etc.) you can setup “information robotics”. For example, in our case, when a website is sold (contract signed, initial payment made), we automatically trigger tasks to certain parties – you can do the same, as long as you have some groups (tags) set up.

Timesheet has 3 options:

  1. None. No timeclock.
  2. Single Login / Employee Attendance. This is for hourly-paid employees who work for you alone, and don’t need to bill multiple clients, bill a file, etc. – you simply track their logins and logouts. The system will tally the minutes worked and record everything – it’s a very simple timeclock, though it will deal with overtime, etc. if you have SwiftClock enabled.
  3. Multi-Client Billing & Project mode. This is like an attorney’s timeclock – or auto mechanic. Anyone who has many clients to bill time to (including our staff!),