The following has been added to our Leads Handling code:

  1. “Selling-Opportunity-Status” definition at time of form input. This is very useful with online applications, as someone who fills out a certain form may be deeper into the sales process than some other form – for example, say you have a mortgage website, and you have some basic forms for pre-qualification, but you have another form for homebuyers who actually now have a house under contract, or a full mortgage application. Obviously these clients are to be handled differently than purchase pre-approvals who are just starting out – anyway, this field now allows you to specify the “selling opportunity status” at time that form is captured.
    1. How to Use:  Add the variable “iStatusId” with the index number; let us know what status you need and we’ll get you the exact code.
  2. Company Leads Pool posting. If you have a sales team, this allows you to create leads that go straight into the “Open for the taking” “company leads pool” in the CRM, as compared to forcing the lead to go into a single account (which, technically, you could create a rule for – so we have 2 ways to do this now). Simply add the variable COMPANY_LEAD = Yes to the variables you pass, and this will cause it to dump straight to the company, not a single employee.
    1. Example: <input type=”hidden” name=”COMPANY_LEAD” value=”Yes”>

Currently keeping us busy: Phone verification of leads via a single tag, and easier to use Catchpa spam verification.