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Recently, I ran across a tidbit of gold that really popped out for me, which I’m paraphrasing entirely here:

If you feel like you didn’t get something in return for lead bait, that’s good. You’ve created a positive feeling in your reader – and you stay on their radar.

That’s what you get in return – a positive feeling and a 2nd date.

Too often marketers are trying to go from first glance to marriage all in 10 minutes. If you sell a $5 impulse-buy product, great. Go for it. If you sell a service requiring a lot of info, legal commitments (i.e. real estate) or any e-commerce above $20 to $100, then you need crystal-clear value and often multiple impressions.  A $20,000 coaching and consulting package will for most require a live body i.e. face to face meeting, which is why so many classic info-marketer’s funnel is Free >> $7 tripwire to >> $37 to $97 kit to >> $495 product to >> $997 to $1997 weekend bootcamp to >> $5k to $50k coaching / consulting type packages. Each level feeds the next.

It all starts with the person getting more value than they paid, and the first payment is usually an opt-in.

Trust is built brick by brick. It’s a dance: honor your promises, and get more trust in return.

Autoresponders (like our “Magnet“!) are important: they honor your word and commitment.

Here’s the story for some context:

What I see most commonly is a disregard of the needs of the person on the other end of the email.

Too often, it’s all about the “heavy ask” as opposed to the warm touch.

  • Heavy ask: “Hi Ronell … We haven’t met. … Could you share my article?”
  • Warm touch: “Hi Ronell … I enjoyed your Moz post. … We’re employing similar tactics at my brand.”

That’s it.

You’re likely saying to yourself, “But Ronell, the second person didn’t get anything in return.”

I beg to differ. The first person likely lost me, or whomever else they reach out to to using similar tactics; the second person will remain on my radar.

So if you’re ever feeling a bit cheated on your marketing – that’s great. You’re doing it right. Leave that reader with a bit of a debt to you.

They’ll pay that debt with attention next impression.