SwiftForm can post to any remote system that accepts POST.

This means, for the layman, that SwiftForm can communicate automatically to remote systems at time of capture, often referred to as an “API” – Application Programming Interface, which is simply a way for computers to talk to other computers.

So-  practically, this is used for things like…

  • Posting form variables into any CRM, not just Swift CRM. If you need to use some industry-specific system, hey, we won’t judge – we just want to make great software that’s useful, and know there may be multiple factors. Note you can post to both remote CRMs and SwiftCRM at the same time, should it be useful.
  • Posting to other marketing systems besides Swift Marketing
  • Posting to systems like GoToWebinar
  • or whatever else you want to connect.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is this power requires a bit of Json programming (a simple data structure, but it’s probably best left to tech-types and programmers).