As of July 2010, the base SwiftCRM package is now Free.

We’ve recently changed the pricing based on client feedback to become a Free CRM, with premium “modules” you can enable or use the limited free versions, as you see fit.


Because the needs of members on the team vary. Before, with our static “set price” model, some entrepreneurs didn’t want to pay for a seat-license for the receptionist (for example). Be she (most often, could be he of course) needed to look up who the assigned rep was, or who made the call to that client – in short, the system works better, if every single employee within the company has their own SwiftCRM – now Free CRM.

This enables business owners to better manage their team, to use the Free CRM as a company intranet, and to just pay for what they need, easily growing or even cutting back, as the business requires.

One typical team might be a sales staff of 8, a business owner, someone who handles accounting and payroll, one other who handles all the marketing, and perhaps a receptionist. Now with SwiftCRM, you’ll have Free CRM for new employees or staff who might only need basic lookup functions, or casual part time “field agents” who might only refer an occasional deal.

We value your feedback, and Free CRM is just one more way we’re responding to your needs. If you’re here, and are looking for a powerful software to grow your business, why not get started now?

Of note:

There are some open source commercial, or non-commercial Free CRM packages, and here’s what you can expect with them:

  1. You’ll end up spending a lot of money up front, and in the long run, because you are biting off the entire configuration and development costs yourself, will spend more money. Furthermore, most entrepreneurs would rather double down on money they’ve spent rather than than abandon money they’ve spent, creating a money pit. We understand some professionals prefer to own – but you use electricity, and don’t own the power plant. Assuming you want to focus on what you do best, you’ll end up with a far superior product for far less cost using a hosted CRM suite instead of being lured into a “free CRM” that is like drug pusher’s “free trial”. With SwiftCRM’s Free CRM pricing model, you’ll pay only if you need a specific function, and never have to worry about backups, changes to technology, who has a Mac, PC, smart phone – it’s all handled for you.
  2. Most competing Free CRM offerings are “one size fits all”, in that they don’t offer different modules, and other services require a fair amount of work and time to import and export through. SwiftCRM is designed from the ground up as part of a business suite, so functions like lead capture and electronic signature are 100% integrated without any additional work.
  3. Beware of the cash hijack. Some Free CRM trials try to lock you by making it virtually impossible to export your data. They’ll offer a free CRM trial for long enough to entice you and get you using it, then once you can’t export and have valuable sales data in the system, they know they’ve got you. With SwiftCRM’s Free CRM pricing model, the base model stays free for life, so if you scale your business up or down, you simply pay only for what you need.

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