Free HR Templates & Forms

Each of these free HR Templates below can be ready to use in just a few clicks by cloning them into your SwiftCloud account.

All of these free HR templates are configured to work with SwiftCloud e-Signature & Document Automation systems. If you prefer to download it and use it old-school offline paper style, instead of e-signature and automation, it’s ok, we won’t judge. Simply save the doc and remove the [shortcodes] and replace with ____.

To clone any of these docs into your SwiftCloud electronic signature account, simply click on Templates once you’re set up (Start here for $1!) and then you click the copy button to clone an editable copy into your own account.

When someone signs any or several of these free HR templates, each signor / worker / employee will then have a “Workroom”, a shared online workspace to store files & notes.

You’ll also both get an emailed PDF of whatever was signed (if you have set that up – you can also notify other people on a doc-by-doc basis, export, etc). In that workroom, you can store files (i.e. a driver’s license, insurance info, etc.) along with making notes and much more – it’s a workspace you share with just that employee or potential hire.

The easiest way to use these is to click here, start for $1, and clone any of the below into your account.

SEPT 2018 NOTE: Some docs are still being added; if you need one of the docs below send a message to SwiftCloudHelp {at} Gmail dot com or send a support request and we’ll finish any docs up for you (free of charge).


NOTE: We have a slick Staffing WordPress plugin  (Free!) you may find helpful for creating both an Employee Directory online, as well as Job Applications – see 




  • Resignation Form Template
  • Job Transfer Request Form
  • Independent Contractor Termination Letter Example Template
  • Termination of Employment
  • Termination Letter Template
  • Employee Exit Interview
  • Employee Termination Checklist & Best Practices

Job Applications

Government Forms (Signable PDFs)

  • W4 Signable PDF (W2 Employees)
  • W9 Signable PDF (contractors)
  • 1099 e-Signable PDF
  • State Employment e-signable Forms:

Payroll Forms

OSHA, FLSA & Compliance Forms


Industry Specific – HIPAA (Medical) etc.

Performance Management Forms