Free HR Templates & Forms

We’re aiming for the ultimate list of free HR templates and forms here. We’ll keep updating this as needed.

Each of these free HR Templates and forms below can be ready to use in just a few clicks by cloning them into your SwiftCloud account.

All of these free HR templates are configured to work with SwiftCloud e-Signature & Document Automation systems.

Free HR Templates to Clone

If you prefer to download it and use it old-school offline paper style, instead of e-signature and automation, it’s ok, we won’t judge.

To clone any of these docs into your SwiftCloud electronic signature account, simply click on Templates once you’re set up (Start here for $1!) and then you click the copy button to clone an editable copy into your own account.

When someone signs any or several of these free HR templates, each signor / worker / employee will then have a “Workroom”, a shared online workspace to store files & notes. These can be bundled into an “Envelope”.

You’ll also both get an emailed PDF of whatever was signed (if you have set that up – you can also notify other people on a doc-by-doc basis, export, etc). In that workroom, you can store files (i.e. a driver’s license, insurance info, etc.) along with making notes and much more – it’s a workspace you share with just that employee or potential hire.

The easiest way to use these is to click here, start for $1, and clone any of the below into your account.

Free HR Templates and Forms Example

SUMMER 2019 NOTE: Some docs are still being added; if you need one of the docs below send a message to SwiftCloudHelp {at} Gmail dot com or send a support request and we’ll finish any docs up for you (Free! We may have it on file and just have not linked it yet into the templates-account).

Full unsorted list of Templates is at


NOTE: We have a slick Staffing WordPress plugin  (Free!) you may find helpful for creating both an Employee Directory online, as well as Job Applications – see 

Summer 2019 Update: We are just rolling out “Tag Scores” – awesome for sorting job applicants by test-score, your value, expected rate per hour, or any other number based criteria.




  • Resignation Form Template
  • Job Transfer Request Form
  • Independent Contractor Termination Letter Example Template
  • Termination of Employment
  • Termination Letter Template
  • Employee Exit Interview
  • Employee Termination Checklist & Best Practices

Job Applications

Government Forms (Signable PDFs)

  • W4 Signable PDF (W2 Employees)
  • W9 Signable PDF (contractors)
  • 1099 e-Signable PDF
  • State Employment e-signable Forms:

Payroll Forms

OSHA, FLSA & Compliance Forms


Industry Specific – HIPAA (Medical) etc.

Performance Management Forms

  • Peer Review Form