staffing software

SwiftCloud includes a talent freelancer marketplace as well as tools for freelance workers to grow an agency or business.

For workers, we recommend

  1. Selling pre-priced tasks in the services marketplace. This is good for any repeatable, usually standardized task – i.e. setting up a new domain and WordPress installation. Note you can reject the task if someone has a really unusual situation (i.e. odd server configuration).
  2. Setting up hourly tasks for larger projects, for use with SwiftClock and Swift Invoice. This is great for full-time established freelancers who have a client base they work with, or freelancers looking to hire more workers, bring on more clients, and grow an agency or company.

To get started, just log in, create your profile, and create some listings of what you do.

A few notes you should know about our freelancer marketplace:

  1. Want an army of people promoting your skills and services? Of course you do! They get paid 10% on any sale – and we collect 5% for hooking it all up – so if you sell a service for $100, you’ll get $85, so please price your work accordingly. This also means you can refer other tasks that are symbiotic to your own and earn some money, or fill some downtime by promoting tasks online. You can even sell your own tasks and earn that commission on your own work.
  2. For new sellers, we reserve the right to hold funds for up to 90 days. This is rare, but is necessary for fraud prevention. If you’re legitimately providing real services to real clients, this won’t affect you – it will definitely affect the scammers or anyone using stolen credit cards.

If you have any other questions, please contact us through the SwiftCloud Support System.