Gallery not working? 99% of the time, this is user error, but don’t feel bad – it’s not obvious. There are a few crucial mistakes we see all the time. The good news is once you know where to look, you should be in good shape – watch this short video for more info:

NOTE: To add text to a gallery, you have two choices:

  1. Simple and easy: Click “Gallery” >> Galleries >> Edit (or create new); enter text in the description. This is best if you just want a single paragraph without any real formatting; it’s fast, easy, and SEO-friendly. Downside: You cannot really use any real formatting, so if you want a lot of description, use method #2.
  2. More control: Create the gallery as normal, then create a “Post” (Not a “Page” – must be a “Post”), and right below the main text-area, you see “Choose Gallery on which the above text will be displayed”. This will cause the gallery to be inserted and displayed along with this post; add this post to your navigation then as usual.