e-Signature Go Paperless Done-For-You Setup

Simply shoot photos of your docs with any smartphone, or email us your docs!

Our expert staff will save you the hassle of setting this up and get it all done for you – we’ll convert the docs, and load them into your account. All you need to do is send us the docs to be converted (any format) and we’ll handle the rest.

After purchase we’ll give you a specific email address and ask for your phone number in the unlikely event there are any questions.

Once done, you will receive not just a signed doc from your customers or clients, but also all the data in it which you may be able to import into your other computer systems. Additional integration help is available through our integrations team.

TIP: If you have your docs in any digital format (i.e. Microsoft Word, PDFs, Excel, etc.) it will help us convert your work faster and we will include 3 extra pages as bonus if you can provide a digital version. If not available, just take a nice bright photo with any smartphone and we’ll handle the rest. Upload instructions and a support email will be provided after purchase.