We recommend (and use ourselves!) the following Google services, all free:

  • Google Analytics. We will set this up for you if you purchase a website with us. It will help you understand how people are using your site – how many, what pages, etc.; we’ll also help you read the reports (they’re easy to understand). If you already have Google Analytics installed on your old site, please add lendermate at gmail dot com (spelled to avoid spam harvesters) to the account as an admin if you want us to set up goals, etc. If you are savvy enough to know what it is, your unique ID # (e.g. XX-XXXXXX-XX) can be simply entered into the control panel and then there’s no need to add us to your views unless you want consultation.
  • “Live Help Chat” via Google Chat. Click here to generate a guest-chat feature to add to your website; this is especially helpful for sales-driven organizations.
  • Google Apps for webmail. Info below on how to set up; in short, this is a superior web-mail tool that will allow you to also use Outlook, iPhones, etc. and do everything you’d expect a professional email system to do. This is a “step 5” solution, don’t do anything with it yet if you’re at steps 1 (website setup), 2 (marketing integration), 3 (traffic!), etc…. or as they say, “don’t put the cart before the horse”. See http://www.google.com/websiteoptimizer for what it can do for you. This is only helpful once you have traffic flowing.
  • Google Alerts: Use this to track mentions of your brand online. Initially, start by entering your company name; you might also want to track competitors, or key authors or journalists who write about your sector. Create monitors at http://www.google.com/alerts. Related (but not from Google) – http://www.yext.com/

We use google apps for all sites, because the tools are simply superior, and free (for up to 50 email accounts / users).

This means you’ll have mail.YourDomain.com, and have really unlimited mailboxes like [email protected]

Generally, we will set this up for you, on your behalf, as we need to do some server configuration when we set it up that is definitely beyond the scope of non-technical clients.

Should you need it, see


to access the free version of google apps. For most clients, this will work fine for up to 50 users, which is the majority of our clientele. Since we’ll need to upload a file during the setup process, this is smooth and easy if you get one of us on the phone before you sign up, then we’ll stay on til your upload verification is complete (should take just 5 minutes).

Signup Notes:

1. Go ahead and check the box for modifying CNAME records, we have stuff like that under control for you.

2. When you get to Verification, you’ll click this:

Recommended if you can upload files to YOURDOMAIN.com

Check this, then simply email us the file. If we’re on the phone, this is a 1 minute task, you’ll click verify, then we’re done – just set up the users (mailboxes) you want, and then setup aliases after you’ve set the boxes. If you want “[email protected]” to go to “[email protected]”, setup Bob first as a user, then add a “nickname” to his account.

We will handle the rest.

Note to our staff: Set the MX records as this (Clients: Ignore this, we’ll do it for you).