This is a help file response to a problem:

“As leads come into the system and are then reassigned, the client still gets an autoresponder from me [the primary account holder, aka “master account”, often the boss]. The client is then confused. Is there a way to change this?”

There are 2 relevant settings affecting this:

1. Your outgoing email settings as defined within Gmail’s settings. In Admin >> General Settings, you have “Google Integration Settings”; at this time [Mar 2010] we require use of Gmail as the “postman”, though you can easily set gmail to send as any account (under “Settings” >> “Accounts & Import” >> “Send Mail As”; click “Send Mail from Another Address”). This will result as your autoresponder messages being delivered as [email protected] instead of [email protected] In SwiftCRM, you simply set which gmail account to use, but the actual settings are defined on the gmail side. Editor’s Note: We plan to add support for all pop3 / all email servers in the near future.

Solution: Change the settings on the gmail account associated with your Admin >> General Settings.

2. All Autoresponder rules can be set up as “Global” or “Local”, which means bosses (Master Account owners) have the ability at the very bottom of the “Add Autoresponder” page, on which you’re editing the actual autoresponder message, to define whether this message is for the entire company (fire this autoresponder on the entire company’s leads), or your pipeline only.

Solution: Be sure the outgoing autoresponder message is set to “My Pipeline Only” if you want to individually personalize the outgoing autoresponder message.

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