We’ve been pushing growth really hard lately, and it’s paying off – it’s time to start reeling in the chaos, and pushing stability and growth, instead of new features.

So, for anyone who has been considering our service and rather underwhelmed by our modest exterior, I encourage you to look at the application itself. Lately, we’ve been doing a lot of “open heart surgery”, which, since SwiftCRM is in daily mission-critical use, means we need to change the tires while the car keeps driving.

For that, we apologize. You’ll see a whole-new set of features as the payoff quite soon, and we’re confident that you’ll not just love them, but they’ll make you more cold hard cash with a direct positive ROI impression.

For SwiftCRM subscribers, our goal is to make each page of the application the bar-none absolute best and most useful it can be. We have a terrific foundation – so as you use the machine to close more deals, build and manage your team, automate your followup, and more – let us know any ideas you have to improve them.

The most-used pages of our application are now on second iterations of changes, based on real-world client feedback, and it shows. Already we have fewer questions and greater usage of those features.

Thank you for bearing with our exterior instability (i.e. the interior CRM has been much more stable than our exterior marketing!), and we look forward to working with you.

The newest major feature of our hosted CRM is a set of enhancements to the main leads dashboard. This really helps when you’re “dialing for dollars”. The best way to learn about it? Just start clicking..don’t worry, you won’t break anything.

Also recently online is “training mode” – perfect for growing sales organizations. We’ll train your staff on the CRM, so you don’t have to!

Hundreds of other small changes have been made since our last post. As usual, look for the training video in the top right of each page if you need more help.