Why Hosted CRM Software is Better:

Here are the Top 10 Reasons why Hosted CRM Software is superior to on-site, traditional boxed applications.

  1. Automatic Backups. For anyone who has ever lost valuable data to a virus, spyware, hardware failure, or that darn cat tipping over your coffee into the keyboard you’ll love working with online-only applications. Since all data is remote, the most current version of your data is always online – which means if anything happens to your PC or phone, you’re all set. Just grab some other web device and you’re on your way.
  2. Global Accessibility. Ready for that cruise, but can’t afford time away? With our suite of Software-as-Service applications, you really can have it all, since most cruise ships have internet connections. For more day-to-day practicality, this means staff can work from home or work or while traveling on business. Grow your sales team by hiring low-overhead remote sales agents. Staff from two to 20,000 can all be on the same page, from hundreds of locations anywhere on the planet. Gone are the days of calling a secretary, trying to walk them through a software application, or driving to the office just to retrieve some crucial data for a weekend appointment.
  3. Easier Cash Flow Management. Traditional boxed software is usually something you buy, then later pay for upgrades, along with hassles. If you lose your license number, your hard drive melts down, or the original software is lost or stolen you’re faced with wasted time and/or lost money. With software-as-service, you avoid that initial cash outlay and save thousands over the long run in reduced IT costs and get greater flexibility in hiring and downsizing.
  4. Better Quality Software & No Upgrade Shock. Since you’ll always have the latest version online, having to learn new software will generally become a problem of the past – since new small changes happen every week. Furthermore, since our staff can easily study the usage patterns, we know in a matter of days if there’s a point of confusion on some new feature, and can improve the user interface and improve the on-screen help in just days. With traditional boxed software, upgrades are expensive and time consuming, so each new version meant a short-term productivity hit while people learned new features. With small changes spread out, the change is more continuous and manageable.
  5. Cross Platform. Our hosted CRM software isn’t just cross-platform, it’s cross-device. You’ll be always synchronized and never have software issues regardless of using PC, mac, or linux, or web-enabled phones. You’ll be positioned for the future. As we as a company grow, we will expand our integration for new devices like input peripherals such as card scanners, or output devices such as digital picture frames to show company analytics.
  6. Easier Data Sharing. Obviously a major benefit is sharing among employees, but on a deeper level this means you can share with clients, referral sources, and suppliers. It also means data mining, so that the company owner can see metrics and analytics in real-time, based on pipelines. This enables unprecedented automation, so that when pre-set rules are met, specific actions can be triggered such as triggering marketing, changing opportunities or transactions, or triggering communication to anyone including suppliers, drop-shippers, etc. The amount and granularity of the data available has never been higher in the history of business than with companies using hosted CRM software.
  7. Complete Internet Integration. Years ago, people thought of the business as one thinks of a brochure: a one-way device to build trust. While that’s one use for the web, today’s business is interactive. Practically speaking, this means all leads captured from website forms can be automatically entered into the hosted CRM software, then assigned to the correct sales rep, and trigger automation. This data is then web-resident and tracked from sunrise to sunset, which means transactions in process can command other processes and receive input from web-resident automated systems. One example of this is our “activity sniffer”. If a sales rep marks an opportunity as “long-term incubate” but the client comes back to your website, we’ll automatically update the status of that lead which can increase your sales. This automation is only practical using a hosted CRM software.
  8. No IT costs. With our Hosted CRM software, you don’t even need a local network or server – since there’s zero difference between being down the hall or across the planet. Back in the 90’s, businesses spent money on backups, on having the IT guy upgrade all the software, on upgrading the hardware, on networking. These days, a laptop out of the box can be fully operational in minutes. This saves you thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours per year, and provides peace of mind knowing your information is safe in a high-security data center with bank-level encryption with optional military-grade encryption for sensitive documents.
  9. Integration Flexibility. Being web-resident means integration with various other web-resident applications, ranging from Twitter for status updates, to Aweber for mass email marketing, to printers like SendOutCards and Postful.com (who will print, stamp, and mail using US mail). Our system can one-click dial through phone systems like Skype or Ring Central, and can automatically receive your voicemails to ensure tracking. Events can be scheduled to Google Calendar – and many more specific features like this that rely on other websites. As our application grows, we seek greater integration with the ecosystem of internet businesses that provide specific tools and services to help your business grow. No matter what functionality or feature or service you need, these days, you can bet there are internet based businesses that can help, and we either have already integrated with them, or may be able to take your requests and integrate to add features you need.
  10. Automation. One area in which SwiftCRM excels is automation. We believe in automating as many repetitive tasks as possible. These days, there are billions of websites, with more information coming online each day. What we really seek to provide could be called information robotics – automated systems that allow you to define some logic, and when that logic is met, other actions are triggered. This level of automation is only possible in a hosted CRM. Example automations might be monitoring an RSS feed for certain keywords, ad when found, sending out certain marketing and/or creating a lead for your sales team. It’s not a big task – but doing it can create more sales opportunities, and we can help you do it without consuming your or an employee’s time.

Here are 10 excellent reasons why it’s time to upgrade your system and move online. If you’re interested, but it doesn’t quite feel right – that’s great. Don’t take the plunge. Instead, try our system risk-free while keeping your old system. Take a test drive. When you see what it can do, contact our team to help make the transition, and you’ll never look back.