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This powerful web-based real estate marketing system includes everything you need to be found by Google, Yahoo, & MSN Bing, includes tools for syndication, how-to video training on what steps matter and what “Fads & Fluff” can be ignored, the “Magic Beans Testing Service

What makes The 6 Pillar System unique from other real estate marketing is that is 100% turn-key. The setup investment includes us “punching” your headshot, setting up the autoresponder sequences, free gifts, videos branded with your name and phone – the entire kit, is 100% plug-and-play. The closest competing systems all require you to do a fair amount of work setting things up. We believe the highest and best use of your time is face-to-face selling conversations, and if you look at your profit-per-hour for the time you’re actually selling, it for many agents, creates revenue of hundreds or even thousands of dollars per hour. Many real estate agents spend 75% of their time getting the business and as little as 25% working on actual transactions, and even that 25% includes work that should be done by a TC (Transaction Coordinator). The portion of your time that actually yields all your profit might be as low as 5% of your total schedule, which is the face-to-face or at least phone-to-phone sales skills demonstrating to a listing or buyer why you’re the right agent for the job.

If we can double, triple, heck, 10-times-multiply that actual selling time for you your income will skyrocket and you’ll dominate your market.

So first, what’s in it?

  • Website. Not just any website, but a high-end traffic-generating client-magnet website using SwiftCMS layered on top of WordPress, so you’ll have a built-in WordPress Blog with all the SEO plugins already installed and configured, you can easily add video, blog posts, edit from your phone, you’ll have smartphone formatting, custom functions like google maps, contact forms, social integration including facebook, tools for reviews systems like yelp and google hotspot (formerly google maps), featured listings, single-property websites done correctly via 301 redirect for maximum SEO value, support system to handle 10x your client load, professional email using Google Apps for practically bullet proof spam resistance, constant uptime, mobile access, zero synch issues between office, home, phone, the cruise ship, client’s car, that ipad – and believe it or not, even more. We have studied the competition closely, made our improvements, and built it in a way to maximize leads attraction and conversion.
  • IDX – in alpha testing, coming this summer. This will be true wordpress-driven, SEO-friendly, on-site (not iframes or subdomains) IDX, supporting RETS or IDX with daily automatic updates.
  • Pre-Loaded, turn-key Autoresponder Sequences 100% done for you. Each pillar has its own sequence that runs for up to two years (yes, 24 months – first every few days, then weekly, then every 21 days) for maximum results, and we have automation to move prospects based on activity to the correct list (i.e. when a listing-prospect lists and becomes a client, then sells their home with you). Unlike other systems, this is done for you, 100% ready to use, with your name, phone, email, and website on the messages.
  • SwiftCRM real-estate CRM. This powerful system has sold to companies paying over $1,000/mo to use just this, and it’s pre-configured for you to manage your buyers and listings, prospects, contacts, transactions. You can store all your paperwork (for the entire file!), link contacts (i.e. inspectors, appraisers, lenders, etc.) and share among contacts (including a transaction coordinator), track your financials and contingency dates and more. All leads generated by the website are automatically stored into SwiftCRM, so you can trigger automation (i.e. follow up calls), track your real estate marketing results, and push more clients through your conversion funnel all the way through to becoming a raving fan, a referral source, and help fuel your growth.
  • On-Going Training. We’re looking to build a community of top-tier agents who are the best in their markets. We hold on-going webinars, improve the system based on feedback, respond to market changes, pass along successes and even failures to learn from, and in general, work to be your virtual marketing department. Naturally, this is also a source for relocation business, and any agent / broker can contact us anytime for a referral to a local agent – until we finish the referral lookup database and you can just enter a city and state into the CRM yourself.
  • Promotion & Advertising Tools. We’ll help you with craigslist ads, postcards, classified headlines and more to get people flowing to your site.

As you can see, we’re working to become your virtual marketing department – to provide everything you need to get you busy selling.

If you see an opportunity here, the next step is to set up your site at http://New.SwiftWebDesigner.com. This system will generate the first 50% of your project; the 2nd 1/2 we’ll finish by hand for you in person. We look forward to working with you!