This is a personal post by CEO Roger Vetruba.

I have to confess I’m fascinated by the concept of information robotics. Think about how much of your day you spend processing information: for most business professionals, it can be easily classified as “too much”.

SwiftCRM has what we believe to now be the world’s most powerful information automation suite. The following major categories of automation triggers are available:

  • by Opportunity Status
  • by capture of lead through a specific form
  • by calendar events
  • by presence of files (or lack thereof)
  • by the transaction “whiteboard”
  • by Contact database actions
  • by e-Commerce and/or accounting-system actions

Marketers have known of autoresponders for several years now, and I believe the world is ready for the next level of “information robotics”, which looks like adding logic and alternative output actions.

Currently, SwiftCRM includes a very robust “automation” section that allows you to send any combination of email, fax, postal mail (via 3rd party integrated partners who print, stamp, and mail for you) and text message. Any message can be delayed by hours, days, weeks, months, and is dependent on the status of that lead. Messages can be dispensed to more than just an email opt-in: any message can be dispensed to any party based on the “role” they occupy, yourself (i.e. call reminders, sale notifications, etc) and any message can contain a substantial number of variables to personalize that message.

By itself, this feature is immensely powerful – but it gets better.

What’s keeping us busy this week is improving the input systems. Currently these forms are dependent on information captured from your website, or from manual adjustment of the leads’ “status”. In construction are importing via any RSS feed (with rules like phrase whitelisting & blacklisting, fax # detection, email detection) and pop3 email importing. Last, we’ve started work on twitter integration, so you have incredible power from any cel phone by text messaging a special twitter channel.

Logically speaking, we are standing on the shoulders of giants. Companies like SendOutCards, who will print, stamp, and mail a postcard or greeting card, in your own handwriting, for about $1 provide a very specialized, very needed service.  Working with SwiftCRM can easily provide the equivalent of a full-time marketing and admin assistant, and once you invest the time to setup your systems the costs are nominal. Other options include drop-ship fulfillment, and just about any other action that can be done over the web.

If you’re a business owner or sales professional, we value your opinions and wish-list items.