NEW Service: iPad Forms / e-Paper!

Imagine when someone pulls their car up to your repair shop, or comes into your office or clinic for a consultation, instead of handing them a clipboard and pen, you instead hand them an iPad to fill out.

What’s the benefit? Glad you asked!

  • Reduce the data entry by you. Ok, so it only takes a moment to type in their info, but add up that few minutes over time and you see some real time savings. I’m sure you, your staff, your receptionist has better things to do. Depending on your software, this might be something we can import automatically; worst case your receptionist just has to copy and paste an email until it’s connected.
  • Wow the client with immediate marketing. The iPad can play a little video welcoming them to the clinic, help them learn more, qualify them with additional forms or use the device to gather more info.
  • Pre-Educate the client before meeting. Show them upsell, cross-sell opportunities, prepare them for your appointment, educate them about your procedures or work – you have a device that plays video in their hands, so it’s a chance to leverage your time and wow the client simultaneously.
  • Kick off marketing automatically. You can have a thank-you handwritten note already in process the moment they fill out the form. Add them to your newsletter, prompt them to refer you on facebook, refer their friends, and increase your client-self-duplication ratios.
  • Save the environment. Sure, a few papers here and there isn’t a big deal – but add in the ink, transportation, energy making the paper then printing on it, the chemicals for the pen… technically, the iPad has a cost too: electricity, but the net impact to the environment is there, and in aggregate and over time, a substantial reduction of waste.

To get started, just send us the document you want converted (fax, or take a picture with your phone, or better yet, email us the original source document as a word file, etc.) and we’ll set it up.

Note we password protect this by default, so information on the form is not easily web-accessible to just anyone, even though it technically resides on the internet on your website.