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May 2020 Pricing Survey


Get an extended 60 Day Free Trial by helping us with our new pricing with this quick 3 minute survey.

After you complete this, we'll start a 60 Day Free Trial for you - no credit card required.
New pricing will go up in a few weeks, but we'll make a special offer first to "grandfather in" existing users.

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Note: *Data is manually reviewed and if invalid or fake data will result in your account not being credited. This is a special offer to try to align pricing to value. Previously our most common account was $15/mo, but our systems have since grown and matured. We do plan to offer a very limited free account through a range of prices based on use and features.

We have a wide range of use cases, and we're trying to make a pricing structure that works for most businesses. We now have Fortune 500 users, clients who need more than 1,000 signatures per day (i.e. waivers), other complex docs like HR onboarding, sales contracts, loan applications - and everything in between. We want to make you happy and streamline your business at a fair price. Thank you for your input!