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About Fairwind

Fairwind Yacht Club is a volunteer driven sailing cooperative located in Marina Del Rey (MDR) and Channel Islands Harbor (CIH). Established in 1966 as a nonprofit corporation, the Club provides convenient and inexpensive sailing for our members. More information can be found at

Membership Benefits
Club sailboats of varying types and lengths are stored in the water for use by members year round. Our boats range from 14' to 40' and are docked in private slips in Marina Del Rey and Channel Islands Harbor. Membership is strictly limited to ensure that boats are always available for members' use. The Club offers ASA training and certifications to all members. Checked out members may reserve club boats for private use by themselves and their guests. Boats are reserved in advance using a web based reservations system, and are available on a first come, first served basis for day sailing and cruising. Restroom, shower and parking facilities are available for members and guests in Marina Del Rey and Channel Islands. The Club also organizes social and family events, and cruises to nearby marinas and the Channel Islands. The cost of membership in Fairwind Yacht Club is kept extremely low. Ongoing expenses are shared among the membership, and the Club offsets the cost of maintaining and updating our fleet through member volunteerism.

Membership Requirements
Membership is open to any person aged 18 or over, whom after applying, has been approved by the Board of Directors. Members must agree to abide by the by-laws and standing rules of the Club, must attend general meetings of the club and attend Club work days for the purpose of orientation and boat maintenance. Members are expected to contribute to the Club in some meaningful way; the Club seeks members who are experienced with boat and engine maintenance, as well as with sail training, boat cleaning, bookkeeping, event planning and management, community outreach, project management, and other aspects of running our Club. Donations of money are also welcome.

Membership Fees
$450 must be submitted with this application. This includes a $300 initiation fee and a $150 (refundable) bond. New members join the Club at the Small Boat level, at a cost of $120 per quarter.

Club Rules
The by-laws and standing rules of the Club govern Club operations. Rules and regulations necessary to promote safety and to provide for equitable use of boats and equipment are enforced.


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(Please provide the names of current or Former Fairwind Yacht Club members who will recommend you to the Board for membership.) Information provided by our members is never sold nor otherwise distributed to other organizations. Member contact information is made available to other Club members.

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Sailing Experience: (Fairwind accepts new members both with and without sailing experience. Please provide a brief sailing resume if applicable; if you have no sailing experience please explain why you would like to learn to sail.)

How will you contribute to Fairwind? (Fairwind is able to maintain our low cost structure through the volunteerism of our members. What special talents or experience do you have that would be valuable to the club? How do you plan to contribute?)

What previous experience do you have with volunteer and / or cooperative organizations?

Is there anything else we should know, in considering you for membership in the Club?

I, , am applying for membership in Fairwind Yacht Club. I agree to abide by the by-laws and standing rules of Fairwind Yacht Club. I understand that my request for acceptance into the Club, and any continuing future membership, are subject to Board approval.

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Print and sign this application and mail it with your check made out to Fairwind Yacht Club for $450.00 to the address below. Your check will not be cashed until you have been accepted as a member into the Club. Please do not date the check because it may require you to send another check at a later date if your check becomes outdated.

Fairwind Yacht Club
Attn: Membership Committee
P.O. Box 12684
Marina Del Rey, CA 90295-3684