SwiftCloud International Questions (e-Consult)

Thank you for helping us evaluate options.

Note this only sent to about 5 companies, but this helps me [Roger, CEO] gather my thoughts and questions and will save both of us time - these are sales questions and from the very few people we send this to, we intend to choose a local partner to work with. We are evaluating 3 countries, which will handle all EU business.

  • Slovenia (partially just because I like it, wife is Serbian-Bosnian; wife has an aunt there)
  • Malta (I'm a sailor, intend to buy sailing yacht, unsure if this would help re: VAT etc. I don't intend to live there full time, but may live full time on a Valleta-flagged yacht)
  • Spain (like it, speak decent spanish but no ties or relatives, but heavy company focus on S. America & spanish)

I'm certain we'll form a company in EU.

Where, when, and with whom, and how to best structure it are still unknown.

SwiftCloud is a SAAS (Software as a Service) provider, and we have a small but growing number of clients in Europe. There are a number of reasons involved but we intent to split the company into several parts, that are legally separate not a local subsidiary; no government can order compliance to the other company components, and the intellectual property will be separated from operations. We focus on business software - e-sign, docs & cloud, soon tasks, helpdesk, chat & phone, CRM for small & medium businesses.

I [Roger] run the company with about 10 freelancers around the world, some are full time for years. We can hire at least 1 local if required and over time this will surely grow - we expect to be 10-12 by year end, 20-30 next year, 50 the following - we'd rather grow slow & be truly the best for our clients vs. grow fast and sell bad stuff. I'm a USA citizen / native, no background check issues or legal problems that would be an issue. My wife Lidia is a citizen of USA + Serbia, and my son (age 16) is from USA and may go with us for college. We currently live in Los Angeles.

Assume the following:

  • Little or no paperwork - I should be focusd on sales / growth --- I prefer to hire great people, then get out of the way.
  • Living in EU for us as a family is a factor in this decision - Ljublana, S. Spain, or a Maltese-flagged boat I can move around in.
  • None of this is any big rush, there's no pressing reason, but I'm open - 6 mo to 2 years timeframe.
  • 2-3x/year growth is baseline expecation growth soon - we are currently at 7% per week


First Time Setup

What are the costs & capital required?

First-year One-Time Setup Costs.

On-going Costs

What would be the annual total compliance costs to run a business, with a local professional (your company?) handling any required on-going things like corporate minutes and taxes?

Business Administration Costs: What would be the cost based on annual EU-only (most of which is outside your country) income of

  • €5,000 / year
  • €50,000 / year
  • €500,000 / year

Taxes - what would be the approximate / typical [NOT our exact situation - just a typical dot-com company ballpark] cost of taxes and tax preparation for...

  • €5,000 / year
  • €50,000 / year
  • €500,000 / year

VAT: All services are B2B, and technically export I would think.

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