33 Touch + 8x8 Touch - Real Estate Marketing Kit 

Complete 33 Touch plus "8 by 8real estate marketing Kit


  • 33 Touch Images - one for each week of the year plus a few holidays, numbered by suggested order in both holiday & "evergreen" folders, watermarked to you so if they get shared your branding piggybacks on them. These are formatted to Facebook, but will work for other outlets too - instagram, your blog, etc. These include a mix of real estate specific as well as relatable quotes, tips, insights. Nothing is political, and of course you have full control - we provide the images and suggested schedule, but it will be up to you to hire a service to post these, or schedule them yourself using online tools.
  • 8 by 8 Touch Series for new people you meet. This is updated with new "retargeting" technology tips to "follow" your people who meet you, carefully designed so you stick in each new contact's mind as a true professional, a "serious player" in the industry, and a good person worth getting to know more on a personal level. This will include template messages with some how-to info to get this to people. Note this is purposely designed to get a profile of the person started whether they rent or buy, their physical address currently. Not 100% will respond to the profile-request-info, but your message will stick regardless. NOTE: Autoresponder software to send these is not included, but you may already have that or you can send out by hand. SwiftCloud's version is in beta coming soon.

Our 8 by 8 Touch Sequence is...

  1. Nice to meet you video + profiler, goal is find out if they own or rent, last move, kids ages if applicable (graduating soon? Or school district upgrades? etc) - also set the retargeting pixels for Facebook & Google. Also, ensure the page shows market stats with graphs and hard numbers, goal is impress with expertise & knowledge, but lead with personal touch.
    1. If they don't click, retry a few times with other info / bait / etc - goal is set the pixels. This kicks off 33 Touch.
  2. Hand written card with business card - send immediately. Reference how you met. Your top few contexts (i.e. golf, bowling club, church... some of the most common ways you meet people) should also have some "items of value" - a news snippet, cool photo, etc. - goal is "Saw this and thought of you" type of feeling - dispatch immediately via snail-mail but with mail-delays this will show up 2-3 days later. Prime for Referrals i.e. make it known you do business mostly by referral.
  3. Context Message - Off-topic fun, along the lines of how you met. I'm into sailing, so I'd include a cool or funny video clip about sailing if that's how I met them. Facebook message is great if they and you both use it for this, they may share it to their friends.
  4. Story of Success (email) - next, a story / case study about Mr & Ms X who sold for 11% over market, or bought their dream house for less than they expected, or some relatable story about how you helped somone hopefully like them. Ideally you'd have a few of these stories canned and segmented so one for investors, one for empty-nesters, etc. but highest priority is get started then later add more complexity to hone results. Stories should include real numbers, some photos. This can be email.
  5. Phone call - "just checking in" - script included - "who do you know looking to buy or sell, even if 6 months out?" - have the contact detail open, make notes, tag them i.e. "#emptynester #2019move #2011lastmove# 
  6. Handwritten card again - thanks for call, pleasure to speak. Reference upcoming bi-annual party or some contextual event.
  7. Charity or some off-topic "good human" message, a friend raising money for charity, you helping out a blood drive would they care to come with - something like that. This is also the time to include photo of family, dog, kids, etc. - ideally send to webpage blog entry; have a refer-a-friend form @ bottom "soft sell" blog entry.
  8. Referral request & market update - hard stats, demonstrate true expertise & respect.

From there the contact will see your 33 Touch "Blanket". Goal is smother out competing agents and build a "mini-brand" so you're the 1st call when they hear of someone.

The 33 Touches include

  • 1 Birthday
  • 1 Anniversary 
  • Monthly "good human" posts - 12 - around 1st of month
  • Monthly market stats / expertise demonstration posts with stories of success - mid-month
  • Holidays, major USA - 9
  • Calls, quarterly or 2x/year - 2
  • Parties or live events - 2

Total of that is 39, but on top of that, you will "retarget" them via Facebook & Google, so they should see your brand about 60 times a year.

This is information; no refunds.

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