Google Adwords Setup + $100 Ad Credit 

Google Adwords Setup + $100 Ad Credit

If you could spend $100 to make $180, how much would you spend?

As much as you can afford.

That's the goal of PPC - Pay-Per-Click, also called "SEM" Search Engine Marketing. 

SEO can be tricky, difficult, and unreliable, but you don't need to choose one or the other - choose both! Most SEO experts start with PPC just because it's faster, and like renting a house, you "move in" immediately. This allows you to verify which phrases are going to convert the best.

One-time investment to setup your Google Adwords account for advertising and get thousands of unique visitors. We'll also advise you of expected cost-per-clicks so you can start to get a sense of your cost-per-new-client.

This also includes keyword research, which you'll need for SEO and content marketing anyway, and is the #1 best place to start if you've never made any real money online.

Note you need a website or landing page - an offer - for this to be any good. We'll setup the account, then can either turn the keys over for you to manage in ~ 1 hour a week, or you can subscribe to on-going management services from us or others (packages available from $100/mo).

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Custom work for you; keywords and competition research included.

This is a "mid-range" package and does not include specific types beyond Adwords i.e. YouTube video advertising and Maps-advertising not included, though these can be added later after the base foundation is set up.